Are you getting a good deal?

I’ve surprised some people this week with just how good our pulling power is….

Scenario 1: Home owner for 18 months with 20% Equity in their home.

They wanted to leverage their savings using offsetting (see my previous post on this) which was not provided by their current lender.

• For this client, I secured $3250 cash toward the change and rates that were between 0.5% and 0.6% better than they currently had with their existing lender.

• Under the new structure, the client could take over 6 years off the time it would take to pay their mortgage under the old structure.

Scenario 2: For a client that had an extensive portfolio of investment properties, we achieved the following.

• I secured $14,000 cash and a rate 0.5% better than his existing rate for the same product.

My services cost you nothing. The banks pay me. It’s worth your while.

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