If I were a borrower, what would I do?

Tony Alexander, Chief Economists had a personal view outlined in his weekly update – released on 16th August – as follows:

“If I were borrowing at the moment I would remain happy to fix about two years for most of my mortgage. And given the slowdown in the housing market already recorded in Auckland and coming to the rest of the country, I’d be happy to bargain”

See Tony’s full Weekly updates by going here – it’s a fascinating read – and I mean it!

Take time to read it – it’s worth it to get a view of what is happening out there.

His view (outlined in his article on 16th August) on why business sentiment is low is fascinating and centres in around our unwillingness to accept immigration as a key way of introducing new ways of working and our apathy around adopting new technology into our businesses.

Makes a LOT OF SENSE in my view.

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