Is it getting tougher to get that mortgage?

It can be frustrating trying to work through the process of a home loan application – even more so of late with the increased level of compliance requirements that the banks and us, as mortgage advisors, are obligated to adhere to.

See the recent herald article here.

But, you know what, that’s OK – we, as Mortgage Advisors/Brokers can really help make it as painless as possible – we do it day in and day out, so we know what’s required.

Given all eyes are on a Royal Commission Inquiry into the Banking Sector in Australia (for now), expect the process for obtaining lending to only get harder –– bearing in mind that a large number of our main banks are Australian owned and any changes to policy in Australia will likely be adopted in NZ to some degree.

In fact, some of the changes you read about online or in the press are widely believed to be demonstrative of NZ lenders getting in early and to prove that they are doing their part and doing it thoroughly.

So, the message is – it’s unlikely to get easier but it’s ok, we can help because we, as Advisors and Brokers are keeping pace and ensuring we can guide our clients through the process – whatever that might changes may be…

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Have an awesome weekend.