Is the 90 Days Eviction Rule under threat........

The focus on Landlords being bad and Tenants being good has continued in the same vein for the last few years.

It continues to anger me that the government body that is empowered to fairly administer the balance between Landlords and Tenants continues to clearly apply bias in favour of tenants.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that there was no agenda - just to be a fair administrator of the contract between landlord and tenant and adjudicate and disputes (fairly but also pragmatically)?

Just actually to do what they were originally tasked with….?

I would have faith in that………..but it isn’t operating in that manner - not by a long shot.

The consideration of removing the 90 Day Termination Rule though just takes it into new territory.

Andrew King’s opinion piece on the impact of removing the “last straw” option (the 90 Day Termination Clause) for landlords to not only protect their own interests but their duty to ensure the quiet enjoyment of the neighbors is highly valid in my view.

He makes some valid points on the impact (yet again) of continuously removing the rights of landlords. It is NOT going to have the desired benefit that so many believe it will.

The fundamental intention of all of the changes in legislation is to make homes healthier and to ensure longer term, predictable tenancies are available for long-term renters.

The physical and mental health impacts of the lack of insulated, dry, warm houses and un-predictable tenancies are well documented and, anyone that argues to the contrary obviously hasn’t experienced a stable childhood or a dry, warm home - it’s memorable..

In my experience, very few landlords (when you delve a little deeper) have an issue with the new insulation standards that have been implemented (they understand the intention is good) nor do they have an issue with the increased focus on compliance for the right reasons (i.e. duty of care).

Although there are still some terrible landlords around, they are definitely on the outer.

So, the majority are good (in my view).

However, when they are constantly under attack and continuously tagged as the greedy capitalist without a care for their community or their customers (because that is what tenants are), they are going to stand up and start to fight back - and I reckon this government, and their assigned agencies, just may now have poked the bear enough to get a reaction.

A collective voice is forming.

A voice that now takes things personally as an attack on their collective integrity.

Thanks to Andrew and all of the other voices that represent the majority that are caring, fair, honest and actually want a happy tenant as their customer. However, if, no matter how much they (the bad landlord) want this and they try and they follow the rules but to no avail within a reasonable time, they need to be able to move on - not continue wasting everyone’s time, impacting the neighbors and the community and putting themselves at risk of not being able to pay the mortgage.

They should have the option to evict with plenty of notice - in the interests of the majority, not the entitled individual that is not biding by the rules that the rest of society happily operates under.

I feel better for venting.

Thanks for listening.

As you were.