Why use a Mortgage Advisor?

I bumped into a parent of one my kids friends the other day. We got talking. They asked me how business was. Its crazy busy I said (a good thing). They asked me; “What is the value of using a mortgage broker?”. I talked them through it (and of course booked a time to help them review their structure and lender options) but it made me think - maybe I shouldn’t assume people know…..So, here is a snapshot of just a few of the reasons why you should always use a Mortgage Broker:

  • Not all banks are the same - and neither is everyone’s situation or needs. We understand how to match lenders with clients needs and profile..

  • Structure and Products are as important as rates - although we tend to get the best rates and cash contributions for our clients, we are equally focused on ensuring the right structure for their situation and goals.

  • Different lenders allow different levels of extra mortgage payments over and above your minimum contracted payments - making the difference between paying your mortgage off years early - we know the different offerings of all of the lenders (bank and non-bank)

  • Investors – we work with you to minimise the security you offer to lenders and work on strategies to leverage existing securities as much as possible – be it with banks or non-banks.

  • First Home Buyers – We understand how to navigate the Kiwisaver and Homestart Grant Process and we know which lenders are more suitable to you.

  • Mortgage Advisors work for their clients as their priority – we understand all the options for our clients – not just one.

  • Often, Mortgage Advisors will negotiate the best rates – they know how and who to negotiate with at any time in the market – different lenders have different specials on at different times or are offering larger cash contribution incentives at different times

  • Deal once with a Mortgage Advisor versus 3 or 4 visits/calls to different banks that use different processes and have different policies

  • We live and breath the process of buying a first home or buying another investment property.

  • In almost every single instance, the bank pays the broker - so it doesn’t cost you.

So, you know you want to use a Mortgage Advisor but how do you choose which one?

Like anything - wisdom and experience goes a long way.

My recommendation is to deal with an Advisor that at least owns their own home and if you are an investor, there is a significant opportunity to glean knowledge and experience by building a relationship with an Advisor that owns, or has owned, their own investment properties - this additional practical experience will be invaluable to you in the long run.

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