An Introduction to Paul

Born in Wales, educated in Scotland yet after 30 years in NZ I must profess I’m an All Black supporter through and through (well when they are winning that is!!). I haven’t completely forgotten my roots although I feel cemented in the way of life here and love the lifestyle, the culture and kiwi way of life. I have had a successful corporate career bouncing between both Auckland and Wellington working for many large corporates over the years; Microsoft, Vodafone, Hewlett Packard, TVNZ to name a few in a variety of sales roles. I chased the big life and gained skills and experience to become the person I am today.

After 20 years in corporate life I decided I wanted a change of pace and direction. Call it a midlife crisis or the like!! I had always wanted to work for myself. My wife and I had had the experience of using a Mortgage Broker and found the experience invaluable. He got us the best mortgage structure over our then multiple properties from the comfort of our own home. And so that triggered the idea, then the dream and then this journey begun….

After owning over a dozen residential properties over the years I’ve always had an interest in all things property so becoming a mortgage broker seemed the perfect blend of combining my personal interests with my business and commerce experience. The Majesty Mortgages Team and Culture is the perfect fit. It has allowed me the freedom to be who I want to be and build my business in my own right, yet still have an awesome supportive team around me.

I give unbiased and independent advice without promoting one lenders products over another. This really does mean I can focus on the client’s best interests and make sure you get the best outcome and the right solution for you.

I am a husband and Dad to three young children, so I understand the need to stretch money over various buckets – the mortgage, the day to day needs of a family, insurance, hobbies and the never-ending bills. I am now in my 5th year of participating on a school board, I am a gold partner of the Tauranga Property Investors Association, involved in a number of property network groups, sponsor a school newsletter and I aim to contribute to my local community as much as I can. In between that busyness I am a firm believer in work life balance. So, when I’m not helping people with their mortgage needs you can usually find me fishing, skiing, heading out on a family bike ride or catching up with family or friends round the BBQ with a cold beer or two!!

If you are asking yourself, like I did, how do I meet my financial demands yet still plan for our future? How do I buy that first home? How do I build a portfolio of investments? Where do I even start?

I would love to help. I love what I do, and I would love to help you achieve those same goals….

And the best part of all, my services are generally at no cost to you. So, call me.